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Acidbuf is a highly efficient rumen buffer from AB Vista. It is produced from marine algae, which due to its honeycomb structure, provides twice the buffering capacity of sodium bicarbonate. Acidbuf is effective at stabilising rumen pH over a longer period of time – it buffers the rumen, not just the silage. This results in a much healthier rumen environment, which in turn optimises performance, health and profitability.



Ultrabond is a toxin binder from OptiVite. Mycotoxins are the toxic by-products of moulds, which can develop in feedstuffs, especially forages. They can be very harmful to stock, even at extremely low levels and can affect health, performance and profitability. Ultrabond contains natural minerals to provide effective control against mycotoxins, and natural antioxidants to support liver function – the principle organ of detoxification.



Actisaf® is a live yeast product from Phileo Lesaffre. Yeasts are added to feeds to promote the fermentation of carbohydrates in the rumen, where there are billions of microbes present. Effective ruminal fermentation requires anaerobic conditions (no oxygen). Actisaf® uses up oxygen, which promotes the growth of good bacteria, hence increasing feed digestion. It is effective for stabilising rumen pH, therefore preventing acidosis; which is a particular risk in high starch diets. It also optimises growth rates and lean meat production, while improving feed efficiency.


Yea-sacc® FF10

Yea-sacc® is a live yeast product from Alltech, proven to stabilise the rumen environment, improving digestion and cow performance. As it improves the availability of nutrients in the feed, there is less requirement for the cow to take these vital nutrients from her own body reserves and this can have a positive effect on health and fertility. Yea-sacc® can deliver higher milk yields through more efficient feed conversion.
• More milk – increased milk production by 1.7 litres;
• More efficiency – improved feed efficiency by up to 6%;
• No compromise on fertility – to up to 5 to 7 less open days.



Novatan®, produced by Techna is a blend of active ingredients (essential oils, aromatic compounds and trace minerals), with the action of improving protein efficiency through optimising rumen function and the release of protein. When feeding Novatan®, the degradability of protein is reduced and therefore more bypass protein reaches the small intestine. This provides more peptides and amino acids to optimise milk and milk protein production. By reducing protein breakdown in the rumen, there is also a reduction in ammonia production and blood urea.



Maxfat, produced by Trouw Nutrition is a protected fat providing a high energy, highly digestible source of energy for ruminants. It is particularly effective for meeting the energy requirements of high yielding dairy cows, especially in early lactation, therefore also assisting with increased conception rates. With an 84% oil and ME 33 MJ/kgDM, it contains approximately 3 times the energy levels of cereals. As energy is provided in the form of fat, there is reduced risk of acidosis. Maxfat is also useful for improving fat covers on hard to finish cattle, such as young bulls and bullocks.



Synergise, produced for FarmGate Nutrition. This 50% fat is designed for increasing the energy density of the diet therefore promoting milk yield and fertility.

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