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Although we are a small, caring, family business we have a fantastic team working in the background.

Trouw Nutrition assist us through expertly formulating our beef blends and supporting us with technical advice, analysis, on-farm support and ration formulation.

FarmGate Nutrition are also involved in our blend formulation and can provide on-farm dairy ration support.

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Feed Advice Water Requirements

Water requirements

  • We recommend that all stock have access to plenty of fresh, clean water at all times – water is often referred to as ‘the forgotten nutrient’;
  • Cattle require 5 to 7 litres of water per kg dry matter intake (potentially greater for high producing dairy cows), bearing in mind the water content of feed stuffs forage (feeds) is highly variable;
  • Cattle tend to drink water in groups, so water supply should be sufficient to cope with peak demand;
  • Water troughs should be inspected daily for contamination with debris, straw or faeces and cleaned out when required.

Concentrate feeding

  • The rumen needs time to adapt – change diets gradually, especially if increasing concentrate levels.
  • Little and often – feed concentrates at least twice per day, a TMR is preferred. This prevents acid build up in the rumen, which therefore prevents acidosis.
  • If feeding a high-concentrate diet, use a buffer or yeast help protect rumen health.
  • Ensure sufficient high-quality forage is supplied – need to supply adequate structural fibre.


LifeStart is a concept developed by Trouw Nutrition, based on metabolic programming. This simply means the potential of the adult cow is ‘pre-programmed’ during the vital first few weeks of the calf’s life. Through implementing LifeStart principles, we can shift heifer rearing objectives from the short to long term and maximise future performance through a unique focus on early life nutrition.

LifeStart has 5 critical control points to achieve successful calf rearing:

  • Colostrum – 4 litres within the first 6 hours.
  • Consistency – feeding according to the LifeStart programme.
  • Calories – 150 g/l of LifeStart approved milk replacer – a higher plane of nutrition.
  • Comfort – dry, bright, soft and well ventilated.
  • Cleanliness – hygienic birth and housing.

Benefits of following LifeStart feeding schedules:

  • Higher average daily gain.
  • Earlier breeding.
  • Better udder development.
  • Higher milk production – healthy, productive cows.
  • Lower culling rate during first lactation.
  • Improved farm profitability.

Forage Analysis

We offer our customers the opportunity to have forage analysed. All samples are sent to the lab at Trouw Nutrition. When results are returned, arrangements can be made for consultation to create a bespoke diet that compliments the forage.