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Cattle Buckets (Farm Care Range)

Maxi Thriver

Maxi Thriver Calf to Beef

20kg Bucket

• An excellent feed supplement;
• Maximises utilisation of forage;
• Promotes growth rates of calves, stores and dairy replacements;
• Ensures highly efficient, maximum daily liveweight gain – through a combination high quality protein and energy;
• Contains trace minerals and omega 3 fish oils to maintain overall health and vitality.

Stock Mag 15 Cattle Sheep animal feed

Stock Mag 15 Cattle and Sheep

20kg Bucket

• Magnesium bucket supplement;
• Useful for increasing the dietary magnesium levels at pasture.
• Reduces the risk of grass tetany through magnesium deficiency.

Suckler Cow 3 in 1

Suckler Cow 3 in 1

20kg Bucket

• Supplements three key stages for the suckler cow – fertility, pre-calving and maintenance at grass;
• Contains Triple Mag to ensure optimum magnesium uptake and prevent grass tetany;
• Fertility is supported through the inclusion of phosphorus and omega 3;
• Vitamin E and selenium to boost immunity;
• Multi-use product for cows at all stages.

Super Phos Hi Fertility

Super Phos Hi-Fertility

15kg Bucket

• Supplement to address low fertility;
• Contains 8% phosphorus – also copper, manganese, selenium and zinc;
• Optimises energy levels to provide an ideal preparation for a high return rate;
• Helps with body conditioning.

Maxi Breather

Maxi Breather

15kg Bucket

• Respiratory supplement to stimulate lungs;
• Ideal for early development of calves;
• A unique mix of oils, garlic and herbs stimulates the lungs – reduced risk of pneumonia and other common respiratory diseases;
• High levels of trace minerals and vitamins support the immune system to fight off associated infections.

Garlic Buzz Off Precalver

Garlic Buzz Off Precalver

20kg Bucket

• Pre-calving grazing supplement for cow and heifers at grass;
• High levels of garlic to repel troublesome insects;
• Reduces the risk of summer mastitis and other conditions associated with insects;
• Also contains pre-calving minerals and trace elements, including magnesium, to ensure any such deficiencies at grass are dealt with.

Super Dairy Pre-Calver

Super Dairy Pre-Calver

20kg Bucket

• Energised pre-calving supplement for dairy cows;
• Tackles key risks – milk fever, ketosis, retained cleansings, poor calf vitality;
• Improves dry matter intake;
• Correct balance of calcium and energy – contains propylene glycol for instant energy supply to vital organs;
• Contains a bespoke trace mineral package, vitamin E and selenium – aids immunity and health;
• Includes omega 3 fish oils – promotes vitality in calves.

Stock Mins Pre-Calver

Stock Mins Pre-Calver

20kg Bucket

• Pre-calver bucket for suckler cows in the pre-calving stage.

Sheep Buckets (Farm Care Range)

Forage Booster – 20kg Bucket

Forage Booster

20kg Bucket

• Maximises performance on grass;
• Improves intakes and digestibility, therefore maximising uptake of the valuable nutrients;
• Enhances appetite and promotes grazing in all systems;
• Maintains condition, health and fertility while fuelling energy levels;
• 16% protein – improve forage digestibility and performance;
• Unique sulphur complex deals with roughage-based forage;
• Energised with propylene glycol;
• Added omega 3 aids fertility.

Pre Tup


14kg Bucket

• Supplement for ewe fertility and preparation for tupping;
• Contains 6% phosphorus to enhance reproductive system;
• Omega 3 oils promote healthy egg development;
• Targets the ewe’s cycle times, egg development and conception rates;
• Feed prior to and after tupping – can improve the ewe’s fertility system for effective conception and holding the embryos during the early, high risk period;
• High levels of selenium, zinc, cobalt, vitamin B12 and vitamin E.

Super Topflock Energiser

Super Topflock Energiser

20kg Bucket

• Supplement for ewes expecting twins;
• High quality protein maintains condition, supports rapid lamb growth in late pregnancy and promotes a healthy milk supply;
• Full package of trace minerals and vitamins – quality colostrum and easier lambing;
• Contains propylene glycol – a rich source of energy to prevent twin lamb disease;
• Omega 3 for newborn lamb vitality.

Flockmins Ewe & Lamb

Flockmins Ewe & Lamb

15kg Bucket

• Complete grazing supplement for flock health and performance throughout spring and summer grazing;
• Increased foot health provided by protected zinc and biotin inclusion;
• Triple magnesium formulation for help prevent grass tetany;
• Unique nutritional approach to help reduce worm burden;
• High levels of trace elements and vitamins to help lambs thrive.

Horse & Pony Buckets

Country Horse Lick – 12.5 kg Bucket

Country Horse Lick

12.5 kg Bucket

• Vitamin and mineral supplement for horses and ponies on a high forage/reduced concentrate diet;
• Contains garlic;
• Also contains seaweed and antioxidants for overall health and immunity;
• Bio-plex system maximises nutrient availability;
• Suitable for horses and ponies in light to medium work, or at rest.

Milk Replacers

Milkivit Premium

Milkivit Premium + Pulmo+

• Brilliant calf milk replacer from Trouw Nutrition;
• Contains high quality skimmed milk and whey powders;
• 23% protein and 17% oil;
• Balanced blends of vegetable fats and oils – maximum digestibility;
• Proven milk replacer suitable for all systems and can be used as part of the LifeStart programme;
• Added Pulmo+ promotes nutritional maintenance of healthy respiratory system and digestive function;
• Includes Milkivit Health and Amino Acid pack;
• Easy to mix – can be used with calf feeding machines or twice/three times daily bucket feeding systems;
• Suitable for dairy and beef breeds;
• Available in 20kg bags.

Milkivit Lamb

Milkivit Traditional


• Fantastic lamb milk replacer from Trouw Nutrition;
• Skimmed milk based;
• High level of fat to protein – very similar to ewe’s milk;
• High energy to meet lambs requirements and reduce the likelihood of watery mouth;
• Supplemented with Greenline Lamb – helps support the lamb’s protective mechanisms;
• Available in 10kg and 20kg bags.

Other shop products:

Slurry Gold

Slurry Gold – FarmCare Product

• Reduces mixing time and reduces crust formation;
• Maximises efficiency and return on slurry management;
• Formulated from specific strains of bacteria, specially selected for their capability to break down slurry components e.g. fibre, starch, over a range of temperatures, pH and oxygen availabilities;
• Prevents the loss of valuable nutrients during storage – can result in huge cost savings;
• Slurry Gold reduces the production of dangerous compounds such as ammonia and hydrogen sulphide;
• Solids are continually broken down – increases the liquid consistency;
• Available in 0.5kg, 1.5kg and 2.5kg tubs.


Uddermint – Teisen Products (FarmCare)

• Udder cream containing 35% high quality, pure peppermint oil;
• Soothes and softens swollen udders;
• Particularly useful at calving time, during painful mastitis infections and for first milking heifers;
• Can be used with or without antibiotics – Uddermint has no milk withdrawal period;
• Tested for non-taint of milk;
• Non greasy, fast absorbing and formulated for easy massage into the udder;
• Uddermint has had effective use on millions of cows around the world for 30 years;
• Available in 600ml bottles.

Calf Stim

Calf Stim – Frazers Product

• Sick calf supplement;
• Helps achieve optimum health and immune status effectively;
• Aids digestive problems and intestinal health;
• Supports metabolism – specifically liver function;
• Contains essential oils, which have been shown to have antibacterial properties;
• Optimises intakes for better performance.


Rediar – Trouw Nutrition Product

• A fast-acting solution to calf scours – added to milk replacer or can be prepared as a solution;
• Stabilises the water and electrolyte balance of the calf – supports digestion in cases of diarrhoea;
• Contains the correct levels of electrolytes, sugars and buffers and also contains psyllium husk – forms a gel in the intestine of the calf, rapidly improving the consistency of stools;
• Available in 3.5kg buckets.


Pulmosure – Trouw Nutrition Product

• Aids respiratory health of calves and lambs – very palatable and can be added as a topdressing or included in pellet feed;
• Supports breathing and clearing of the airways and stimulates immune function of calves, lambs and cattle;
• Can be used during anticipated periods of risk or at first signs of respiratory problems;
• Also contains a natural form of vitamin E and selenium to support the immune function of calves and lambs;
• Available in 7kg buckets.


Reviva – Trouw Nutrition Product

• ‘Reviva will keep her on her feet’;
• A highly palatable post-calving drink for cows – quickly rehydrates and replenishes loss of minerals during calving;
• Contains high amounts of calcium, electrolytes and energy – preventing milk fever and helping to meet the high energy demands of the freshly calved cow;
• Providing Reviva immediately after calving has been shown to contribute to increased cow activity and stimulation of early roughage intake;
• Available in 7kg and 20kg buckets.

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