Our excellent range of winter and summer dairy blends are expertly formulated to support the high-yielding dairy cow. We can also produce bespoke dairy blends to suit your herd.

Pre-calver, Heifer, R&J Lyness Dairy Blends  and Bespoke Dairy Blends complete our Dairy range.  

We also offer farmers a Bespoke Nutritional Service. Animal feed can be created specifically for your livestock’s needs.

This is the heritage quality service we have been offering since 1990.




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Pre Calver animal feed




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Heifer animal feed

Bespoke Dairy Blends

We offer bespoke blends and expert nutritional advice.

Nutritional Advice

R. & J. Lyness in conjunction with FarmGate Nutrition provide an on-farm nutritional service. On arrangement Lyle Hamilton, Nutritionist for FarmGate Nutrition will visit your farm to review current feeding arrangements, herd health and production levels.

Dairy Blends

Winter and summer high-quality dairy blends are available with protein levels from 18% to 22%. We also offer a 27% dairy balancer ration. Each of our dairy blends have been formulated by FarmGate Nutrition to meet the needs of the high yielding dairy cow.

Bespoke Dairy Blend, 'with our help'

We can provide bespoke rations, offering many options for tailoring blends to your forage. Following an on-farm visit from Lyle Hamilton FarmGate Nutrition , a ration will be formulated.

Bespoke Dairy Blend, 'your choice'

Upon request, we can also produce blends to your specification. If you wish to formulate your own ration, or perhaps already work with your own nutritionist, we can provide you with your requested ration.

Optional Extras, for your dairy blend

We can include:

  • Synergise – dairy fat (energy source);
  • Novatan® – improves protein efficiency;
  • Acidbuf – rumen buffer;
  • Ultrabond – toxin binder;
  • Actisaf® Yeast;
  • Yeasacc® Yeast.

Heritage Quality since 1990

Herd Health

At R&J Lyness Animal Feeds you can be assured that the health of your herd is our number one priority.

Our feed is produced to the highest possible standards. We pride ourselves in offering a tailored service to farmers so you can gain the highest performance from your herd. If you require a bespoke blend contact us for more information by calling 028 92 611247 or simply call to our yard.